Custom And Stock Designs

With Paverart, design options are limitless. Designs are created using graphic illustration software, and manufactured by computer-guided technology to ensure precise cutting, replication and tolerances. A special pigmentation process provides long-lasting color through the top wear layer (normally ¼" to ½").

Shapes and Styles

Common Applications: Residential, Commercial & Municipal.

Shipping: Paverart designs are pre-assembled, securely packaged and shipped on pallets with installation and maintenance instructions.

Installation: Paverart is quick and easy to install. No heavy construction equipment, curing time or special weather conditions required. However, we do recommend that Paverart be installed by an ICPI certifi ed installer.

Specifi cations: All pavers shall have a minimum compressive strength of 8,000 PSI and a maximum absorption of 5% when tested in accordance with ASTM C-140. All pavers will meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM C-936. Pavers for non-vehicular applications are 2?" thick, while those earmarked for heavy traffi c applications are 3?".

Paverart is a trademark of Paverart LLC. The Paverart process is registered under patent number US 6,616,372 along with other patents pending.

For additional information, contact your Anchor Dealer or Sales Representative.

Note: Actual color may vary. To assure your total satisfaction, request samples of the style and color you’re interested in.